The Official EROTICIDE Poster

Directed by:
 Matthew Saliba
Written by: Matthew Saliba
Produced by: Rick Creedy, Kamel Khalifa, Matthew Saliba
Cinematography by: Kamel Khalifa
Edited by: Matthew Saliba, Nadia Khalifa
Cast: Jocelin Haas, Stephanie van Rijn, Lisa Di Capa
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: English, French with English subtitles
Color: Color
Runtime: 38 minutes

EROTICIDE tells the story of a young man named Yan (Jocelin Haas) and how his addiction to erotic humiliation sets the course of his life on a downward spiral when his ex, Kendra (Lisa Di Capa) comes back into the picture, forcing him to choose between a future with his loving girlfriend, Elise (Stephanie van Rijn) or one of empty sexual gratification with Kendra.

Awards & Festivals:
Winner – 2013 Best Short Film (All Things Horror)
Winner – 2013 Best Short Film (Mr. Parka’s Video Updates)
Winner – 2014 Best Short Film (Sonic Cinema)
Winner – 2014 Best Actress in a Short Film – Stephanie van Rijn (Sonic Cinema)
Official Selection – 2013 Fetisch Film Festival (Kiel, Germany)
Official Selection – 2014 Tidaholm Film Society (Tidaholm, Sweden)
Official Selection – 2014 Delhi Fetish Film Festival (Delhi, India)
Official Selection – 2014 London Fetish Film Festival (London, UK)
Official Selection – 2014 Horroritca Film Festival (Boston, MA, USA)
Official Selection – 2014 Amsterdam Fetish Film Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Official Selection – 2014 Kolkata Fetish Film Festival (Kolkata, India)
Official Selection – 2014 Fetish Film Festival Rome (Rome, Italy)
Official Selection – 2014 Copenhagen Fetish Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Official Selection – 2014 Tokyo Fetish Film Festival (Tokyo, Japan)
Official Selection – 2014 Manila Fetish Film Festival (Manila, Philippines)
Official Selection – 2014 Lisbon Fetish Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal)
Official Selection – 2014 Fetish Film Festival Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
Official Selection – 2014 Paris Fetish Film Festival (Paris, France)
Official Selection – 2014 Bogota BDSM/Fetish Festival (Bogota, Colombia)
Official Selection – 2014 MIX Mexico Festival of Sexual Diversity in Film and Video (Mexico City, Mexico)
Official Selection – 2014 Vienna Fetish Film Festival (Vienna, Austria)
Official Selection – 2014 Filmzeit Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Official Selection – 2014 BDSM Culture Fetish Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary)
Official Selection – 2014 Singapore Fetish Film Festival (Singapore)
Official Selection – 2014 Sydney Underground Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)
Official Selection – 2014 Mix Brazil Festival of Cultural Diversity (Sao Paolo / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Official Selection – 2015 Toronto Indie Movie Support Group (Toronto, Canada)
Official Selection – 2015 Festival Fetiche de Cine, San José (San José, Costa Rica)
Official Selection – 2015 Wreck-Beach International Film Festival (Barrie, Canada)
Official Selection – 2015 T.O. Indie Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)

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