State of the Union 2014

Posted: January 1, 2015 in Personal Updates
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While it may seem obvious to anyone who’s been following my life exploits on Facebook that 2014 was a rough year, I actually prefer to look at it as the year I finally became a man.

Now what does it mean to “become a man?” Some may equate such a transformation as having turned 18. Others may define it as the period in which one finds a partner and gets married. And others still may see it as finally securing a future for themselves via landing a great job. Personally, and as 2014 taught me all too well, I see “becoming a man” as the moment one stops making life decisions based on personal self-indulgences and starts taking into consideration the needs of his loved ones and above all else, that of necessity.

We often talk about “living in the moment” and how we shouldn’t concern ourselves with the past and especially a future that we can never be certain will ever come to pass. And as such, we come to define “living in the moment” as forgoing a life of laid out plans for the future and embracing an existence on temporary satisfaction and hedonism. But what if “living in the moment” means realizing you have rent to pay and no financial means to do so? What if “living in the moment” means having to choose whether you or your children (or in my case, my cats) get to eat today. What if “living in the moment” means having to consider your personal morals and beliefs and finally being forced to challenge them in ways you could never imagine having to do so?

These were questions I faced throughout 2014 and I am very proud to say that for the first time, I was able to step up to the plate and make the necessary decisions to ensure the personal and financial security and well-being of my family at the expense of my own values.

It is very easy to remain content and comforted living in a bubble where one ignores the harsh realities of life. Real men are the ones who grab that needle and burst that bubble to face these realities head on.

So while I can sit back and bemoan the fact that 2014 was an awful year, the eternal optimist in me prefers to look at it as the year in which I not only burst the aforementioned bubble, I annihilated it and graduated to manhood in the process.


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