EROTICIDE to Premiere in France at the 2014 Paris Fetish Film Festival

Posted: May 3, 2014 in All Things EROTICIDE
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EROTICIDE is set to premiere in France at the 2014 Paris Fetish Film Festival where it will screen twice – Saturday, May 24th and Sunday, May 25th.

Here is a translated version of the description of the film that the programmers of the festival wrote:

Another important short film by Matthew Saliba (“Amy In the Attic”). A happy couple celebrating their 9-month anniversary have their lives disrupted when an ex comes back and brings some revelations about the man. After this introduction, things become much more complicated and a foot fetishist is revealed. The film ends with a conclusion that takes guts and reminds us that some relationships can haunt you long after they are allegedly over.

France marks the 14th country to host a premiere for EROTICIDE and is currently the 4th country to host a premiere within the month of May.

Needless to say EROTICIDE is the most critically and commercially successful Sinema Saliba production to date and it’s all due to the tireless efforts of the cast and crew who made this film possible.



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