As 2013 winds down to a close, I thought I’d take a look back and list what I feel were my top 10 accomplishments of the year. As bad and tough as the world can sometimes seem, I think it can be very therapeutic to count your blessings and realize that in spite of certain negative circumstances, the good often outweighs the bad. So with that said…

1. Celebrated my 1-year wedding anniversary and 3-year couple anniversary with the love of my life, Andrée-Anne Forgues.

2. Came out of retirement to direct my magnum opus EROTICIDE thanks to the generous financial contribution of Rick Creedy, the equipment donation of Kamel Khalifa and the emotional support of Lisa Di Capa and Kamel.

3. Starred as the male lead in FIRST NIGHT directed by Philippe Bourret and had an absolute ball. It was on this set where I met Alina Gotcherian which led me to…

4. Starred in PARAPHILIA: EVERYONE HAS A SEXUAL DISORDER at the 2013 Montreal Fringe Festival. I worked with a great cast and a wonderful director, Lorne Svarc whose inspirational approach to working with actors inspired me to become an even better director myself. He also got one, if not, the best performance out of me as an actor as for the first time, I actually emoted on stage and not merely performed as most actors are wont to do.

5. Saved a third cat from a horrific situation (she was being experimented on by a lab) and brought her into a home where she is showered with love and affection. Her name is Peaches and along with Munchkin and Quagmire, she adds a lot of life to the homestead.

6. Speaking of home, my wife and I finally moved out of Chateau Douchebag and into Coronation Manor back in February. Our apartment is big, bright and beautiful. And best of all, we live next door to the most wonderful man in the world who not only catsits for us but has become a dear personal friend as well.

7. Landed a job at MegaFun Productions where I worked as a colorizer of vintage black-and-white German documentaries. Granted the idea of colourizing black-and-white film sounds and often felt blasphemous but when you land a job in the film industry that pays well and offers you the security of a 9-to-5, you quickly set aside your principles considering the alternative that many with a film degree face when they can’t find work in their field.

8. Speaking of finding work in my field, I also landed a 3-month contract with an adult sex toy company back in February where I worked as a copywriter and a video editor. If you told me back in film school that I’d be paying the bills by editing commercials for vibrators, I’d say, “Come again?” Then I’d laugh because I said, “Come.”

These last two are at the bottom not because of lack of importance but rather because these were life decisions that will have implications for 2014. You can almost look at these as New Years Resolutions.

9. Made a decision to start a family with my wife. Having three furry felines is wonderful and all, but we really want to have a baby. In a world where family values is seen as something hokey, old-fashioned and downright wrong according to some mainstream outlets, my wife and I strongly believe in passing on our morals and values to a new generation in the hopes that they will grow up to make the world a better place. We’ve been trying very hard and hope to be able to announce big news in that department in 2014.

10. Made a decision to go straight edge. I don’t smoke but I do occasionally drink and smoke pot. While I have no moral qualms about the latter two, I feel that consuming these products have a profoundly negative impact on me. I suffer from a deep depression and alcohol and drugs only seem to exasperate my feelings of self-loathing and suicidal inclinations. By removing these things out of my life, and replacing them with my vegan diet, yoga, exercise and my creative outlets, I feel I’m taking a significant step forward in my life and one definitely for the better.


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