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BREAKING NEWS: EROTICIDE has been accepted into its 2nd film festival! We’ll be having our ITALIAN PREMIERE at the 2014 FETISH FILM FESTIVAL ROME, which runs from February 26th to March 2nd. The film will be screened 1-2 times (dates and times to be determined). Congratulations to the entire cast and crew and a big thank you to Andy Gras who programmed the film! 😀


Here’s a brand new review of EROTICIDE! This one comes to us all the way from France by writer Florent Gilloury. It’s written in French and from what I’ve been able to gather via Google Translator, it’s a bit of a “mixed review.” Ordinarily I wouldn’t share something like this, but the fact that even people in France are writing about my new film understandably overrides everything else. 😉


And here’s the final batch of pics that were taken at the World Premiere of EROTICIDE. All pics were taken by Joseph Ste-Marie of Joseph Ste-Marie Photography.

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This is the greatest thing anyone has ever written about my work. Ever! Please take the time to read Alexander Wheill’s wonderful review of my new film EROTICIDE. His words truly make me feel vindicated for having “come out of retirement” to make my most personal film to date. Thank you very, very much!

by Alexander Wheill

Perhaps one of the greatest things about shooting an independent film when you are a writer and director is how the chances that your vision gets butchered or adapted to suit the needs of either outside investors or commercial appeal is extremely limited. Granted, one is always limited when shooting an independent feature, but in most cases, one actually manages to get the basic ideas out there regardless of financial limitations. Perhaps what makes the success of Mathew Saliba’s own “post-retirement” film EROTICIDE is exactly that; it suffers of absolutely no major changes from his original idea, save for a few minor production details which do not affect either story nor character development in any way.

And that is the driving essence of the film, its uncompromised and un-flattering look into the depth of human psyche, centered around three sides, or portraits of different forms of addiction. However do not let this fool you into thinking this is another re-hashed approach at looking through the eyes of bonged-out post grunge needle loving thrill seekers; EROTICIDE in fact explores facets often left either neglected or barely grazed upon of other forms of addiction, far from that of illicit sensory and mind altering formats. I would also venture by saying this film presents its points in brutal honesty without falling into any trappings set forth by the conventions usually associated with the genre. EROTICIDE is, and always was about three characters and how their lives intertwine one fateful moment which will change their existence forever. Perhaps often a “predictable” formula for indie films, Mathew Saliba manages to flesh out characters which are both realistic and profoundly vibrant in their sensibilities.

His script always was something which I felt dangerously too close to, and when I had the privilege of assisting in a chunk of the casting of the film, I felt as though I almost understood why it was important for the characters to “be” and exist in the world of Saliba’s creation. In terms of performance, the only way one could ever offer any form of criticism would be from a personal point of view, for example if the director himself thought one actor did not inhabit the character perfectly the way he had envisioned it in his script, which makes it both fruitless and extremely selfish for anyone else to even dare attempt any form of criticism, although I must admit that being a stickler for characters and details, I had my doubts.

The strongest doubt I had was with lead Jocelin Haas but his portrayal of Yan was, to put it in such simple terms, spot on. Never missing a beat, existing only as the character during every single frame on-screen, Haas has managed to become the character of Yan in a way that is both hypnotic and mesmerizing. A very difficult role to pull off, done so with incredible credibility.

Similarly to Haas, Stephanie Van Rijn plays the sensitive Elise, counterpart of Yan, with an equal, although completely different determination. Perhaps one of the most difficult roles to portray in the film, Stephanie manages to make every single emotional turn the character of Elise takes feel nothing short but real, and in the moment. Her brilliant mastery of the subtle complexities of the character is something worth enjoying time and again as nothing she does in the film is easy, even though as a mere voyeur of the piece, one would take it all for granted and never realize just how much effort she puts into her performance, just as much as Jocelin. Together, the increasingly distorted-fusion of their couple on screen reads the stuff of every film maker’s fantasy: believable character living real emotion and evolving throughout the events.

Just when things could not get any more interesting, the character of Kendra enters the fold to both spice things up and disturb the shit soup, so to speak. Portrayed with nothing short but absolutely mesmerizing gusto by Lisa Di Capa, Kendra is not as much the Vader to Jocelin and Stephanie’s Luke and Leia, but more in the vein of Palpatine. The delicious and indescribable pleasures of portraying the quintessential “bad guy” (or in this case, the evil bitch!) in a movie is a fantasy most actors dream about, but the line between credibility and ridiculous is a thin one, a challenge which is by no means any small feat for the powerful and talented Di Capa who’s consistent body of work speaks for itself. Either the most difficult character to flesh out or perhaps just a stretch of reality, Kendra ends up becoming more human on screen than in script form, thanks to the carefully detailed performance by Di Capa who shines just as bright on screen as her co-stars, all the while not simply revealing the dark side of the story, but that which inhabits the characters themselves, and in the end, within us all. Granted, we are not all addicted to love/relationships/co-dependency, to power and control, or to secrecy and humiliation, but in the not so distinguished words of a close friend of mine, “we all have our sin”.

If I was to have my limbs twisted, I imagine I could be forced to reveal a few minor and unnoticeable flaws of the performances, but that would only not amount to much in comparison to the truly magnificent and hypnotic acting of the terrific trio selected for this role. I realize I am long winded and that these written words may seem like intellectual masturbation, so I shall focus my final words to a more precise and concise point.

Andree-Anne Saliba‘s re-treatment of the script to have the film a true bilingual piece is also flawless, incredibly respectful to the original all-English script. A veritable tour de force, if you will allow me to say (and I did study a bit of translation in my day, which is saying something).

Kamel Khalifa‘s photography is not simply perfect, but adds elements of aesthetic texture without being too fake-Hollywood over-airbrushed the way most commercial films are made. Every single framing shot and image is a testament to visual perfection. Khalifa’s lens also manages to vibrantly hug and pet the most un-cluttered and also subtle production design by Rick Creedy and Jono Aitchison. Ever since I started appreciating film beyond the point of actors and cinematography, I learned the fine art of production design was an absolute must in order to help create the realism of any film’s setting.

Basically, it all boils down to EROTICIDE being the meeting of numerous talented people who gave their best for the sake of crafting one man’s visceral vision without monetary compensation, and yet without the lack of a paycheck ever being an issue to compromise on any level.

This film is not an easy all-ages fun filled adventure; it’s very nature, which in turn reveals a much deeper side to our knowing our loved ones, and in essence ourselves, is a raw but realistic interpretation of a great deal of things we take for granted in our everyday lives, the nature of trust, commitment, and emotional attachments.

Seeing as how EROTICIDE can be seen as this side’s informal masterpiece, a credit to all who were involved, one can only speculate, and anticipate, what the next move for any one on this production will be, for they now have incredible expectations to fulfill. But even a film only half-hearted as EROTICIDE is would be twice as good as most other so-called art-films out there, and is indeed a “must” see at least once in your life, when you feel you are ready to share your inner demons with your better half.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I would have tons more to say and perhaps a more critical approach to the final film, but that would take away the spotlight from those who deserve to have it shined on them!

Check out these never before seen BTS pics taken on the set of EROTICIDE by King-Wei Chu!

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1268424_10153489898455413_243366020_o 1268424_10153489898465413_440092800_o 1268424_10153489898470413_1460839052_o 1269839_10153489771035413_85261630_o 1269839_10153489771040413_1440282071_o 1269839_10153489771050413_158656542_o 1269839_10153489771060413_918374140_o 1269839_10153489771070413_89693349_o 1274356_10153491009070413_1366550332_o 1274356_10153491009080413_1001006955_o 1274356_10153491009090413_1937729973_o 1274356_10153491009095413_1763781874_o 1274356_10153491009100413_488990435_o 1275677_10153489886290413_2060508349_o 1275677_10153489886295413_1397780729_o 1275677_10153489886305413_1778666232_o 1275677_10153489886320413_2103475758_o 1275677_10153489886325413_1031398648_o 1276435_10153489847555413_1596735208_o 1276435_10153489847565413_1641627725_o 1276435_10153489847570413_161286479_o 1276435_10153489847580413_1208931261_o 1276435_10153489847590413_665376135_o 1277028_10153489906195413_2103915514_o 1277028_10153489906200413_1384711392_o 1277028_10153489906210413_497169267_o 1277028_10153489906215413_1722136600_o 1277573_10153489862710413_440806772_o 1277573_10153489862715413_596593043_o 1277573_10153489862730413_1380094050_o 1277573_10153489862740413_744060739_o 1277573_10153489862745413_1700470296_o 1277876_10153489764425413_1791013067_o 1277876_10153489764430413_1108908471_o 1277876_10153489764435413_1351391377_o 1277876_10153489764445413_1123753213_o 1277876_10153489764450413_382274250_o1015436_10153480938075413_2094222723_o 1015436_10153480938080413_720303734_o 1015436_10153480938090413_822513661_o 1015436_10153480938100413_1968106073_o 1015436_10153480938105413_1422120509_o 1233026_10153479695825413_369318719_o 1233026_10153479695835413_329182989_o 1233026_10153479695840413_89483085_o 1233026_10153479695860413_967499604_o 1233026_10153479695865413_1680338474_o 1237300_10153479553740413_1435745459_o 1237300_10153479553745413_2142183873_o 1237300_10153479553750413_1450378205_o 1237300_10153479553760413_415489420_o 1244460_10153479636445413_1550921687_o 1244460_10153479636470413_247325071_o 1244460_10153479636490413_556747360_o 1244460_10153479636505413_2122357108_o 1263028_10153480946810413_428247136_o 1263028_10153480946815413_1152355755_o 1263028_10153480946820413_572300502_o 1263028_10153480946825413_418179414_o 1263028_10153480946835413_1463290472_o 1264096_10153479603485413_1951397304_o 1264096_10153479603505413_1615906687_o 1264096_10153479603525413_344593291_o 1264096_10153479603540413_36608528_o 1264096_10153479603560413_469592345_o 1264324_10153480849235413_548185190_o 1264324_10153480849240413_1700105035_o 1264324_10153480849255413_849320348_o 1264324_10153480849265413_1618714988_o 1264324_10153480849285413_2089841826_o 1265089_10153480926685413_1306880029_o 1265089_10153480926690413_995119524_o 1265089_10153480926695413_939751493_o 1265089_10153480926705413_1955853538_o 1265089_10153480926725413_1790758596_o 1271860_10153480890230413_732718575_o 1271860_10153480890235413_1177723384_o 1271860_10153480890245413_1414473830_o 1271860_10153480890255413_66067957_o 1271860_10153480890265413_944049861_o 1273496_10153479510495413_720776201_o 1273496_10153479510505413_478280979_o 1273496_10153479510520413_1390181295_o 1273496_10153479510525413_621947045_o 1273496_10153479510530413_2132810292_o 1274305_10153479567560413_1894557697_o 1274305_10153479567570413_1495390748_o 1274305_10153479567580413_1124081016_o 1274305_10153479567585413_968419253_o 1274305_10153479567590413_35697757_o 1274961_10153479532425413_1873194449_o 1274961_10153479532450413_314525193_o 1274961_10153479532455413_1233687929_o 1274961_10153479532470413_1934937610_o 1274961_10153479532475413_1486358083_o 1275749_10153479715940413_1520087710_o 1275749_10153479715945413_295722395_o 1275749_10153479715975413_35486949_o 1275766_10153480879275413_1200389508_o 1275766_10153480879280413_1885840989_o 1275766_10153480879290413_1509514144_o 1275766_10153480879305413_1361020981_o 1275766_10153480879310413_1316015045_o 1277220_10153480867545413_1027230205_o 1277220_10153480867555413_967700540_o 1277220_10153480867565413_590205103_o 1277220_10153480867585413_546078571_o 1277220_10153480867600413_868849690_o 1277343_10153479706680413_1255080836_o 1277343_10153479706710413_2104930540_o 1278123_10153480900605413_291996847_o 1278123_10153480900620413_172361093_o 1278123_10153480900625413_173025948_o 1278123_10153480900630413_1552338274_o 1278123_10153480900640413_1528833919_o

Fresh off its successful World Premiere at Cinema du Parc here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I’m very proud to announce that EROTICIDE has just been accepted into its first film festival! EROTICIDE will be holding its European Premiere in Kiel, Germany at the 6th annual Fetisch Film Festival! It will screen as part of the opening program taking place on Thursday, November 28th at 5:45pm at Traum-Kino.

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of EROTICIDE and a big thank you to Andy Gras who programmed the film.


King-Wei Chu, the host of the World Premiere of EROTICIDE and my good friend, took a few pics this past Saturday:

856576_10153501071320413_1154901720_o 1233078_10153501072525413_744803688_o 1233209_10153501077925413_143008614_o 1237275_10153501073755413_1453002759_o 1262543_10153501069790413_1946846366_o 1271297_10153501076180413_877983393_o 1273091_10153501074985413_1203489750_o 1273710_10153501071910413_118065600_o