So with my Fringe play PARAPHILIA in the books, it’s time to officially enter post-production on my film EROTICIDE.

That’s right, remember EROTICIDE?

Between a month of rehearsals and performances and the fact that I was given a crap-shack of a Mac to edit my film on, post-prod was something that unfortunately had to be put on the back burner.

But thankfully now with all this free time on my hands, I’m finally able to jump back on to EROTICIDE and cut this baby down to size for theatrical consumption in the fall.

Of course there’s the matter of not having a Mac to edit my film on. So I had to search for a co-editor with access to the hardware I need to get the job done. Fortunately, our film’s lovely Gaffer/BTS Videographer Nadia Khalifa is a video editor in her own right and has access to a powerful computer with all the necessary editing software. So after a month and some change of simply sitting in my office and only being able to watch the immortal performances of Jocelin Haas, Stephanie van Rijn and Lisa Di Capa, I can now sculpt them into an even greater work of art – EROTICIDE: The Completed Film.

Right now the first steps are to sift through the hours of footage and tag all the shots we plan to import as well as divide the footage by scenes. Not to mention rename all the clips as well as their corresponding sound files.

Suffice to say, we’ll be very busy for the next couple of months. But stay tuned for details on how the process is going as well as exciting announcements such as movie poster art and film trailer unveilings.

Thanks to everyone for your support and patience.


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