The show’s been doing great so far! Our first two shows very nearly sold out and given the time-slots and competition we’re up against, that’s certainly no small feat. While I most definitely prefer film to theatre, I think as an actor, I enjoy performing on stage a lot more. There’s really something to be said about feeding off the vibes of the audience and even fine-tuning your performance in real time based on the energy you’re receiving from them. For example, at the end of the play, my character is supposed to have an emotional breakdown and cry profusely. However, my character is essentially the “comic relief” of the piece, so because audiences have become accustomed to laughing at me whenever I’m on stage, what I find is that they seem to think that my crying is meant to be funny too. So depending on how the audience reacts, I adjust the level of crying. I go on with the intention of playing it straight, but if I feel that the audience isn’t going for it, then I “ham it up” as it were, which always kills with the crowd.

At any rate, we received a couple reviews for the show.

The first comes from Bloody Underrated, and unfortunately, it’s a negative one. However, the points that the writer makes are certainly valid insofar as, truth be told, we only had 3 weeks of prep. Perhaps if we worked on this for 3 months, we would have been able to smooth out things like transitions and perhaps tighten the pace of the play to get it under an hour. But I think all things considered, we really pulled off something incredible here and if the audience reactions have been any indication, we’ve succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. The review can be read here.

The second is a ringing endorsement if I’ve ever read one before. It comes to us from and they were very complimentary about the writing and the cast. You can check it out over here.

We have 4 more performances to go, so if you haven’t checked us out yet, you can do so on the following days:

– Tuesday at 7:45pm
– Friday at 4:15pm
– Saturday at 11:30pm
– Sunday at 9:30pm

All performances are held at the Mission Santa Cruz located at 60 Rachel St. W.

Tickets are $12 and can either be purchased at the door or at the Fringe Park, located on the corner of St-Laurent and Rachel.


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