We’re 4 days away from shooting! Busy, busy, busy! In the meantime, check out some more gorgeous rehearsal pics by photographer extraordinaire, King-Wei Chu.

464911_10152982842175413_155032783_o 464911_10152982842200413_1196930301_o 464911_10152982842225413_1395028434_o 464911_10152982842250413_1873728180_o 464911_10152982842280413_1323889236_o 901127_10152982806330413_638974200_o (1)  901127_10152982806335413_502241266_o 901127_10152982806345413_1061832307_o 901127_10152982806355413_1571570648_o 904194_10152982812455413_38157871_o 904194_10152982812460413_1757880149_o 913657_10152982863060413_514301426_o 913657_10152982863075413_559093576_o 913657_10152982863100413_598050355_o 913657_10152982863135413_1010235583_o 913657_10152982863145413_250529397_o

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