Ladies and gentlemen, I have found my cast for EROTICIDE! They are three of the most talented, open-minded and brave actors I have ever met and watching them bring my dialogue to life in their respective auditions was an honor that will only be exceeded by watching them bring my characters to life once we actually start shooting.

And now with great pleasure, allow me to introduce to you the official cast of EROTICIDE.

Feast your eyes on what a REAL ACTOR looks like. Playing the unbelievably difficult and challenging role of Ian is one of the most outstanding actors who has ever crossed my path. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jocelin Haas.

Check out his FB page at JOCELIN HAAS OFFICIELLE.

Jocelin Haas as "Ian."

Jocelin Haas as “Ian.”

Next, playing the kind of role actors dream of getting, but few are brave enough to truly bare their souls on camera for, is an actress who captivated me not only with her beauty but the sheer raw honesty and integrity she brought to her audition. Plus, she made me cry, so extra brownie points there!

Ladies and gentlemen, playing the role of Liz is none other than Stephanie Van Rijn.

Check out her FB page at Stephanie van Rijn

Stephanie Van Rijn as "Liz."

Stephanie Van Rijn as “Liz.”

And finally, what is a Sinema Saliba production without the presence of my absolute favorite actress of all-time to work with? She’s been in numerous indie films over the years, but let’s face it folks, she was forever immortalized as Barbara in my 2010 film, AMY’S IN THE ATTIC.

She’s a woman who’s a REAL ACTRESS in every single sense of the word. Someone without ego, someone without an ounce of pretension about her, someone who is willing to delve head-first into all kinds of subversive roles knowing full well that these are the parts that come to define an actress. Beautiful, bold and a sincere pleasure to work with. Would-be actresses can stand to learn a thing or two from her as she combines professionalism with a warm sense of congeniality.

Ladies and gentlemen, playing the role of Kendra is none other than LISA DI CAPA.

Check out her FB page at Lisa Di Capa – Actress.

Lisa Di Capa as "Kendra."

Lisa Di Capa as “Kendra.”



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