Last night we had our first official production meeting with the majority of the EROTICIDE crew and by all accounts, it was a big success.

Everyone got to meet the “mysterious” Executive Producer, whom I can now reveal to be Rick Creedy. Rick was one of the actors in my play DEATH SPARES NOT THE WICKED last June and we hit it off so well that he wanted to invest in a project of mine and the rest is history.

We have a more or less finalized shooting schedule (depending on the shot list of course), which will see us shooting over the weekends of May 4-5, 11-12 and now an additional weekend of May 17-18. The final weekend will be a brutal one as it will be two overnight shoots (11pm to 6am).

We locked down one of our major locations, which will be at Rick’s gorgeous penthouse apartment. Within this one location, we’ll be shooting in his living room, kitchen/dining room and bedroom. And while it wasn’t really written in the script, we’ll be making use of his magnificent balcony with a view of the Montreal skyline that’s to die for.

Still waiting on confirmation from Maison India, the restaurant we’re aiming to do our overnight weekend shoot in. It’s a beautiful restaurant with lots of possibilities for a distinct look to the film. Should be hearing back by the end of the week. But given Rick’s close ties to the place, I’m confident that we’ll be able to work something out.

My First Assistant Director, Matt Vaillancourt is simply amazing. I met with him last Saturday and in that time, he managed to break down the entire script and create a tech script as well as a rough shooting schedule in time for last night’s big meeting. It’s so refreshing to actually have someone else taking care of what I would normally do on my own with my films. To actually just be able to sit back and focus on the creative aspects of my film is beyond liberating, and I think will result in my best work yet.

Finally, auditions are this weekend. I have so many stories I can tell about some of the more “interesting” candidates who submitted applications. People from 70-year-old men sending me nude pics of themselves to prove they have no issue playing Ian (I guess they forgot to read the actual breakdown and see that Ian’s supposed to be in his 20s/30s) to Indian men sending me pics of themselves in what appeared to be cum-stained PJs were among the “highlights.”

But I did get a bunch of serious candidates and from that bunch, I hope to lock down a cast by the end of the weekend so we can start jumping into rehearsals.

That’s pretty much it from the EROTICIDE front. I’ll be back with a full report on how the auditions went. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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