* Shoot will be taking place over the weekends of May 4-5, 11-12 with an additional overnight shoot planned for either April 26th or May 17th (depending on when we lock down a cast)
* Shoot is unpaid but food and transportation will be provided as well as a DVD/Blu-Ray copy of completed film
* Film material is very intense and bleak (think Michael Haneke’s AMOUR meets Lars Von Trier’s ANTICHRIST) and is recommended for brave and open-minded actors/actresses only.
* Potential cast would have to be available for at least one rehearsal per week leading up to the shoot
* Auditions will be held on weekend of April 6-7


* Age range: 20s to 30s
* Sensitive, slightly introverted, slim and slender body type
* NUDITY is involved (not necessarily aiming for full-frontal, as for most of the third act, Ian is on his hands and knees, and will likely be shot from behind or on side, but actor must be comfortable with being nude on camera and with the prospect of certain shots UNINTENTIONALLY turning into full-frontal due to the way certain scenes may pan out; i.e. when character is crawling on floor, camera may pick up certain “appendages”)

* Age range: 20s to 30s
* Suicide case who has found love and is willing to do anything for it
* Sensitive, a tad insecure in herself, but very loving and compassionate
* Very strong actress is required as character goes through a wide array of emotions
* Has a simulated sex scene but NO NUDITY is required as characters will be under sheets and scene will be dimly lit; again NO NUDITY WILL BE REQUIRED

* Age range: 20s to 30s
* Very beautiful and very dominant personality
* Knows how to capitalize on a person’s weakness and exploits it for her own gain
* A master (or rather, mistress) of psychological mind games
* NO NUDITY involved, though character has one or two sequences involving kink activities (therefore actress must be comfortable with that aspect of the script); again NO NUDITY INVOLVED


* If interested, please get in touch by responding to this ad.
* You will be sent a copy of the entire script before given an audition date/time.
* If you are comfortable enough with the script, you will be given a date and time to audition.

Thank you very much for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you! 🙂


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