1. Find a job that is both financially and psychologically fulfilling.

2. Take courses to improve my spoken and written French.

3. Take vegan diet one step further and cut out all pop, Red Bull and other garbage containing loads of sugar and caffeine.

4. Write and direct my 7th film, EROTICIDE to coincide with 10-year anniversary of Sinema Saliba.

5. Take producer friend up on offer to bankroll creative project of my choice and hopefully get the wheels in motion for AMY’S IN THE ATTIC feature.

6. Get more writing done, be it in the form of daily blog entries on The Celery Stalks At Midnight, articles for Rogue Cinema and Exploitation Retrospect or possibly even a novel.

7. Get the hell out of the psychic vampire lair that is The Sinema Penthouse and move into a brand new apartment that is both sound and douchebag/white trash neighbor proof.

8. Find effective way to deal with stress and anxiety be it in the form of daily exercise or daily consumption of “leafy green vegetables.” 😉

9. Finally get a passport so that my definition of taking a holiday extends beyond going to Quebec City or Toronto.

10. Take serious steps to paying off debt so that money typically reserved for making loan payments can be saved for important things like starting a family with my beautiful wife Andrée-Anne Saliba. ♥


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