The second most asked question at my wedding back in September after, “How does it feel to be married?” was unquestionably, “When are you going to make another movie?” This question led me to think about two things:

1. Wow, I really must have some fans out there!

2. Have I really been gone that long as far as my contributions to the indie film community go?

Upon further reflection, I’ve realized that there’s a bit of a misconception out there (undoubtedly perpetrated by yours truly) as to what I’ve been doing all this time.

The last time I was physically on a set directing a picture was back in the Fall of 2009 when I directed my contribution to the OUR FOOTLOOSE REMAKE anthology film.

But while it’s been a good three years since I last directed anything, Sinema Saliba has been alive and well and thriving more than ever.

My last film, AMY’S IN THE ATTIC was shot at the end of August of 2009 and was then in post-production for a good year or so before premiering in November of 2010. But in between then, I was out and about promoting FRANKENSTEIN UNLIMITED/DARK LOTUS throughout 2010. Then when AMY’S IN THE ATTIC was ready to be unleashed upon unsuspecting audiences, it had its festival run through 2011. While the short was making the run around the world, I was developing the feature-length version of the film throughout the first half of 2011 with the idea we were going to shoot it in the later part of 2011 and release it in the summer of 2012. Unfortunately, when the feature fell through, so did my plans for 2012. However, the feature falling through did end up being somewhat serendipitous as I was getting married in 2012 and given the enormity of organizing such a thing, I couldn’t very well be out and about gallivanting on a film set all day. Of course, being someone who’s completely and utterly driven by all things artistic, I couldn’t really stay away from the world of creativity and I ended up teaming up with the Montreal School of Performing Arts for a theatrical production of my play DEATH SPARES NOT THE WICKED in June.


So upon reflecting on all of this, I realized that while it has been three years since my last production, due to the weird release dates and film festival runs my works have had, everything does kind of work out in the end and truth be told, it’s really only been a year since I’ve last released something and given the circumstances which have occupied my time in 2012, it’s perfectly understandable.

But that’s all going to change in 2013!

2013 marks the 10-year anniversary of Sinema Saliba. Can you believe it? I certainly can. It seems like only yesterday when I visited the Fantasia International Film Festival’s website and read about how they accepted local films and how that inspired me to get serious about making my first short film. Flash forward 10 years later and I have six short films, two commercials and numerous acting and technical credits under my belt. Not too shabby!

As I alluded to in an earlier post, the next film I’m developing will be 20-30 minute short film entitled EROTICIDE. This is going to be my most personal film to date and it will inevitably attract the same kind of controversy that my last film AMY’S IN THE ATTIC did as well much discussion and debate as to whether the events in the film pertain to certain relationships in my own life. But I’ve learned to trust my instincts and every fiber of my being is screaming, “Shoot this fucker!”

What’s also very encouraging is that my DOP, Kamel Khalifa (who shot and lit AMY) has told me that I would have complete (and FREE!) access to a Canon 5D camera and lens kit, lighting equipment, sound equipment and possibly an editing suite as well. As anyone who’s ever made an indie film can attest, equipment more often than not consists of 3/4 of your budget.

What’s even more encouraging is the fact that I may have found a financial backer for my film. This is the same guy who was initially planning to bankroll a second run of my play DEATH SPARES NOT THE WICKED. We tried to get it into the Montreal Fringe Festival but unfortunately, we placed 45th(!) on the waiting list so needless to say those plans fell through in a jiffy. But he really believes in me, likes working with me, and best of all, didn’t file a restraining order against me when I told him my idea for the short.

So with a few bucks and free equipment in my corner, EROTICIDE looks like it will become a reality and mark my triumphant return to the director’s chair. If all goes according to plan, we will be shooting in March and hopefully make it in time to submit to Fantasia in May.

But the really big news is that in addition to discussing EROTICIDE, we also discussed the infamous AMY’S IN THE ATTIC feature film that’s been sitting on my hard-drive for the past year or so. He really seemed to dig the idea and said he’d be interested in investing in the film. But due to the rather large budget ($200,000 or so) it’s not something he’d be able to do at this point and time. He’d rather start with the short and then work our way to the feature. Makes sense to me as having re-read the feature recently, it’s a very ambitious film and given the three-year gap between directing gigs, I may want to dip my toes in the water first with a short before tackling this cinematic leviathan.

2013 is really shaping up to be one hell of a year! I’ll be starring in a short exploitation flick by Philippe Bourret entitled FIRST NIGHT alongside my wife. Rehearsals have been going well and we really have an amazing team! Shooting will take place over the first two weekends in January. After that, we jump into pre-production on EROTICIDE with a little break taken on the 28th of January to go see Marilyn Manson in concert at the Metropolis.

I love my wife, I love my life and now that my passion for filmmaking is slowly creeping its way back into my everyday affairs, for the first time in a long time, I think I can say that I may be on the road to true happiness.


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